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torstai 22. toukokuuta 2014

65 days ago

I was standing on Oulu airport with my family and my girlfriend, ready to go and leave everything behind me to Finland.

My first week in Budapest was really hard, I did not understand anybody when they were speaking hungarian for the whole time, it was hard to find people who would have been able to speak and chat in english. It was really frustrating.

On my freetime, I was really lonely.
I tried to keep my mind positive, but it was really hard and there was no one to speak with or spend your time with. I really think that if you are thinking about coming to make an internship to Hungary, bring a friend.
Don't get me wrong – Hungarian people are very kind and generous, but when you are hanging out with them, the talking usually turns to "hungarian only" - conversation.

Also a tip for the people who are thinking about the which country they should go for an internship – think about the main language of the country because you WILL learn it during your internship and if you already know lets say for example swedish, you will get more better with it during the internship.
During my two months of internship I managed to get from 0 to A1-A2 language level. I can understand some hungarian language and the main subjects of spoken things.

Erasmus or similar exchange program is different thing because they have working network that internshippers don't have. But if you are still thinking about going to internship, don't think too much, just go – it will be great experience and you will meet lots of different kind of people and get more insight to a certain culture than any package-tourist ever will.
And what do you have to lose? Nothing.

And to give you brief info about the blog, I will be summarising the two last weeks later, because now I'm soon leaving the Budapest – actually 7 days from now and I still got plenty of things to do so don't really have the time to select photos and write things.

Enjoy the summertime people.
Look up to the blue sky. Smell the fresh scent of green grass. Spend time outside.

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