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sunnuntai 11. toukokuuta 2014

Segway and New office

Maybe a post in English for a change?

I'm trying to keep this short, lets see how it turns out in the end..
Okay, so!

My week started on monday as usual and I was assigned to go to this new office that is located at the Budai Var, in the castle district. First day was a bit funny, I had to introduce myself to everybody and tell the same things that I told at the main office about 5 weeks ago. So many questions and answers later somebody asked me, "Would you like to ride the segways?" and I was like "You bet I would!"

So it started, my monday in the new office and riding couple hours with segway. In the end we also got some paying customers to take on a tour with the segways, a segway tour.

 Segway tour in the Castle District for 30 minutes with private guide

So monday was a rough day with the segways and Tuesday was even more exhausting. I HAD to go to the two biggest spas of Budapest. Yeah, what an terrible day it was. :D

First I went to Allee to buy me some china-made-crocs and some cheap swimming shorts for the spa total of those two products was about 6€. Then I grabbed my stuff and headed my way to Gellért Spa. I had a cabin there and it was not that kind of cabin that I had imagined, but not so bad either. Time for some pictures with descriptions.
Cabin for one person. It's like a private changing room.

inside swimming pool

Two thermal pools, +36 degrees and +40 degrees

 Thumbs up!

Warm water, so relaxing ;3

 Cabins from outside

Outside swimming pool

Sauna, but not as good as finnish sauna, there was no water to throw on the stones!!

Gellert Spa from Outside

I personally enjoyed my time in the spa and I was there for about 5 hours. After that I went to Szechenyi Spa, didnt go swimming or pathing there, but only took some photos from inside. It was bigger than the Gellert Spa, but I personally liked more the Gellert than Szechenyi.

Szechenyi Spa is little more outside-concerned than Gellert

Thermal bath

Medical thermal baths if I remember right

Two big thermal baths

The Szechenyi Spa in general was a good experience and I could go there also, it was a bit more confusing than the Gellert at first, but after a while I managed to find all the pools (except ones that were already closed for the evening)
I am also quite sure that no matter which one you choose, Gellert or Szechenyi, it will meet your expectations.

And in the end some photos from my Nokia and some descriptions with them too.
From Wednesday to Friday I was working at the new office in the castle district.

Wednesday was freaaaaaaking hot

Aku Hirviniemi, is that you?

Had to do some laundry on Thursday

 McKinley full of clothes (the most tourist bag ever) :D

 Our office at castle district

Bought new shoes. Because it was so cheap ;e

 Good food, tortilla with chorizo


In the evening 19:30 it was still +23 degrees warm :)

 Some nice pants from hada, but I did not buy it..

I would like to buy some more shoes......... :>

Good thing that I can watch hockey here from the internet! Bad thing is that Finland's team is not too good this year.

And for the end I would like to but these two photos from last week, or the week before. Can't really remember. Taken in Jack's Burger, Nandi took it because he was playing with my camera. x)

 Hungry Jussi aint so happy..

Best burger 4 evah!!!!

Thanks to all who are following my posts and my journey, it's so weird that I've been here for 6 weeks already, soon everything is over. My girlfriend is on her way to Budapest on Thursday, so my next week in work is little shorter because of that.
Tomorrow I have my first ever skype interview for summer job, so thumbs up for that!

Have a nice week everybodyyh!

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