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maanantai 17. helmikuuta 2014


5 weeks and 6 days from now, I will be on Helsinki-Vantaa international airport waiting for my flight to Budapest! I will be living  and working there for a two months.

Still got loads of things to do, but I already have the flight tickets, job and travel insurance ! :) I am so keen to pack my backpack and leave for some time away from home. Refreshing. Also going to miss somethings from home, but that is life.

My dream is to travel, travel big time. If I am afraid to take the first step, it's the same thing that staying home for my whole life. Don't want that to happen.. :D

Bought new camera before my trip, could start posting pictures to my flickr account maybe.

What else?

Nothing much, I have been so lazy with all the blogging recently my personal blog has also been quiet for many months now.. Havent had anything to write about. 
Gonna apply for a summerjob in tourism industry, hope I can get it!

I'll catch up with you later!

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